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What is included in a Free SEO Audit?

Traffic Report

We run an initial crawl to see how much traffic your website is pulling from search engines. This can be useful to see how effective your SEO has been.

Keywords Report

We pull a list of any and all of your current ranking keywords and identify top-prioirty keywords. This can be helpful to see where you’re ranking for your desired keywords.

Backlinks Report

It all comes together with backlinks. This is helpful to see how many backlinks your website has attracted and if the amount of backlinks is going up or going down.

What to Expect

We’ll sit down and have a virtual call going over your Free SEO Audit.  

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We’ll also give you a little background information on:

  • Who We Are
  • Our Background in SEO
  • What SEO Services you Can Expect
  • Pricing plan information

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