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We are a local Cincinnati SEO company that provides our clients with exceptional results without breaking the bank. We get that you don't have the time or resources to do SEO. That's where we can help. We get our clients real results that's affordable, quick, and lasts for years.

Jordan Wogenstahl

Owner of Cincy SEO

Our Expertise

With over 5+ years of experience and serving dozens of local businesses in the Greater Cincinnati area, we are confident we can take your online business to the next level.  Through our tenard, we’ve received multiple awards for our outstanding SEO strategy.

Our Values


We are good at putting ourselves in other’s shoes.  We have our client’s best interests top-of-mind when creating and implementing SEO.  

We need to think like your customers in order to provide the best results and create an authentic strategy.


If you’re not getting results, than what’s it all worth?  If your traffic isn’t growing, it’s time to consider another SEO company.  

That’s why we work on the top-priority SEO items that move the needle.  By doing this, we can cut our prices making our services more affordable for you.

Open Door Policy

We believe that communication is key.  We have an open door policy where we encourage you to ask questions and drop us a line.

We keep you in the loop at all times so that you know what we’re working, and how it impacts your business.

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Our clients are our #1 priority.

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We succeed when you succeed.  We strive to get you the results your business needs at an affordable price.

We want to be your local SEO provider and we have the success stories to back it up.

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